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That is now the number of times I have posted this year. Man, I know that in previous years, it has probably been up towards 200 or 300 a year, maybe more. There were periods when I posted every single day without interruption for a good month or so...I don't really know who still reads this anymore, other than folks on facebook. If anything, blogging has become even MORE prevalent than when I started this journal back in 2002, so maybe this is getting swept into the giant sea of the trillion opinions being expressed by bloggers around the globe.

Whatever man, I'm never quitting livejournal. I have put way too much into this journal for me to ever want to leave it alone...it's crazy to me that in not too long, it will have been active for a decade! Ah how things have changed. And how they haven't. lol

I used to use this as my collection point for all my random thoughts about everything, and now those all go into facebook status updates or gchat statuses. But I've been realizing how much I miss writing...I do really like to write. I always have. Really, being able to write in here since I was in high school has turned me into a better writer, and believe it or not, being a good writer actually helps you in life. I don't think a lot of people really realize that. What if you used a bad apostrophe on your resume? People notice. When people focus more on simple mistakes than the actual content of what you are writing, that's not a good thing!

Anyway, I didn't mean to turn from talking about writing to chastising people for sucking at it. Then again, there is a backspace bar available to me, but I'm totally not going to use it! Nope! Take that, writing!

Right now it is snowing like a mofo. The Gopher Basketball game that I was supposed to go to at noon is probably going to be watched from my couch instead. It's funny, my parents are in town to see a symphony at the Minnesota Orchestra for my Mom's birthday, and now it will probably end up that we watch movies at my place all day. Thank God for Netflix instant streaming is all I have to say.

Also, I really do want to keep writing in here because like I said, I do really like to write, no matter what it is about. One thing I am doing for sure is giving Top 10 lists of my favorite albums and favorite songs of the last year. I actually kind of somewhat managed to keep up with new music this year moreso than in previous years, but I try to follow a rule of paying for all the music I get so I don't have like bazillions of hours of music to choose from. But there is a lot of music from 2010 that I REALLY like. I think I know what my album of the year will be, as well as my song of the year.

I may continue the "food fight" series as well....

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