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Did anyone else witness that painful game at the end of January where the Vikings, for all intents and purposes, defeated the Saints but also defeated themselves? I thought that the 1998 season where Gary Anderson missed that field goal kick to make it to the Super Bowl was the most painful sports moment I ever experienced, but then I watched this NFC Championship game last January. Only time will tell which is worse, but seriously, the Vikings were amazing last season. I couldn't believe some of the games they won, whether it was Brett's miraculous TD throw to Greg Lewis to beat the 49ers or a number of other games too. Last season was some of the most fun I have ever had watching the Vikings, and I really, really hope they can repeat that this season.

I like the Twins, sure. I kinda sorta follow hockey sometimes. Basketball is kind of interesting, I guess. But there's something about football that I absolutely love....I don't, and have never, played it myself, obviously. 150 pound dudes are, for whatever reason, not really the types of people who play football....but watching it and following it is something I absolutely love. I've even thought of watching my local town Minnetonka play some High School football games, just because I love watching the sport.

I never, ever thought I would become a fan of Brett Favre. I remember watching him in the preseason, and even in the first week or two of the season. When I cheered for him, I felt this dirty, disgusting feeling in my gut....I have hated this guy for such a long time! Brett Favre! The epitome of all that is evil and wrong! Like Lumberg! And as the season progressed and he did more and more awesome, I came to love the guy. And seriously, if a man is allowed to have a man-crush on another man, then I am totally man-crushing on Brett Favre. I can't tell you how happy I am that he's back this season, and I hope he beats the living snot out of the Saints tomorrow.

I'm not allowed to wear a non-collared shirt at work, so I can't wear just my Vikings jersey tomorrow (which, I might add, is a Sidney Rice jersey. Sucks that he's injured, but when he comes back, he's gonna pwn everyone's face). But, you know, I do need an undershirt, and I think I know just the thing.............

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